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The Foreclosure Front - Class Action Litigation 
A Short Preface - If you have been, or are going through foreclosure, you may already have come to understand war is being made on you using multiple manipulations to create an appearance of normal business practices.  But there is nothing normal about them.  

The creation of securitized derivatives, starting in the early 90's, was put into place to make it possible to pump money out of the real estate market and out of Americans from the poorest to the wealthiest.  This was carried out with a clear lack of conscience and disregard for practices designed to protect our property  and secure our rights.  

The illegal nature of what was being planned was known by members of the legal profession who provided the registration services to Excel, the first such offering.  They were warned in detail, with copious citings by one of their younger associates, but ignored these, their eyes firmly set on the monumental profits to be made.  Our media department interviewed this early whistle blower  for the article below. 

The Foreclosure Meltdown was Planned - A Whistle blower Speaks Out

Many in the legal profession have much to answer for, and many good people in law are working to see this happen.  You can help them by signing this PETITION.  

Another essential step on the path of stealing the homes, and commercial properties, of Americans was the incorporation of MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEM in 1995.  This system made it possible to eliminate the information on specific properties, this information kept at County Recorders officers across the country.  The use of this in place of the legal system is now being struck down in courts.  

Bradburn v. Bank of America N.A., ReconTrust, et al. Court Order Declaring Bank of America's Foreclosure Sale to be Void and Setting it Aside

As a homeowner or businessperson trying to save your property you face enormous challenges and here at Homeowners Justice we are partnering with a group about to file a RICO law suit to return America to a strict adherence to what is traditional and legal.  

Our Practice will help you through the process of understanding and signing up to get justice.  Even if you have lost your property you can get it back.  To do this as an individual would cost you about $150,000.  Using the RICO the cost is enormously lower.  Even if you have not yet had a problem with your mortgage it may be possible to deliver a message to those responsible and be made whole, if they have enmeshed your note in their illegal system. 

Right now, the RICO is starting for Florida.  But it will expand rapidly across America.  We need media and activists.  The stories of real Americans, their health and financial well being destroyed by the machinations of a few, cry to be told.  

If you want to be involved in any of these ways, let us know.    

Sign up here so we can assist you if you have any problems making contact with the RICO and provide you with immediate notification when your state goes active for RICO.  Please provide the address for your properties so we can make sure you are on the right list. 

When Americans come together all things are possible.  

The links  below lead to a short tutorial on how this happened to all of us and to the sign up pages.  

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