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Gather Your Documents

While you are waiting to receive your County Appraisals, if you are having someone retrieve them for you, or even if you are going to your county appraiser yourself to obtain those documents, there are several other documents you will need to find in order to prepare to file a federal RICO lawsuit, assuming of course that you have a valid case to begin with.

Obtaining your county appraisals will be essential in figuring that out.

In addition, there are other documents that you will want to pull together for your potential claim:
First, you need to find a copy of the original mortgage application and/or the lender’s appraisal document from the original loan or refinance application.

Second, you must also get all of the documents having to do with your mortgage that you can find.
We have a web page available to assist you in calculating your damages with an online calculator where you can input the information you have gathered. This will calculate your claim for damages in the mass action RICO lawsuit.


This input information will then show whether or not you have a claim for damages under RICO, the “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” for mortgage fraud.

 If you do you can follow the instructions on that web site as to what to do next.

Your first step is to gather your information.

If you have come to this page and not have yet acquired your 1997 – 2013 county appraisals from your local County Appraiser’s office, click the link below to learn more:


So go to work gathering the appropriate information, and we will look forward to working with you very shortly!