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We received a call from one of the people we have worked with on the East Coast.  His house had been foreclosed years ago but he had continued to fight. His finances were about to turn around, he had a new job, but then he found out the house had been sold.  It looked bad.  

Then, through a friend of a friend he found help.  The legal firm, he checked them out and they looked good, provided a review of his case - and he paid nothing then or later. 

Here is what he told us - "I have been working with a group on the east coast that counters foreclosures with exceptional success. They are now setting up a network of investigators and lawyers in California to perform the same. 

My home went through 3 years of fighting and finally was sold at sheriff’s sale. I will be moving out but with the hope of returning within one year. This group will negotiate a payout directly with the bank and offer me a reduced buy back or a share of the profits when they resell the property. I have been directed by the president of the company to solicit homes in California which are at various levels of foreclosure. 

Those homes in which the owners are presently living can be resolved more easily but they have been successful at all levels of foreclosure. The process requires full cooperation by the homeowner to provide as much documentation as possible to facilitate their due diligence before accepting any home. Once accepted they will do their utmost to assist the homeowner until the home is ready for sale or returned to the original owner."

Now they are opening up in California and looking for clients.  So if you need help get in touch with us and send your paperwork with a two page summary.   You'll find out pretty fast from what our friend said.