Homeowners Justice                                    Holding on to Home


From Shards of Verse - by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Rose Series 65 - 

66. The Sound of Freedom-For Steve Dore 
        Holding on to Home

Born at Jekyll Island
Consuming all we built
The FED began its feeding
Without a shred of guilt. 

I heard it in the music and 
felt it through my skin
It echoed, blazed, extinguished, 
all doubt was at an end.

America was stolen
Its honor sucked and dry
Lives ground into fodder
As men and women died.  

Generations suffered
Believed and hoped and died
While Bankers kept on feeding
Consuming with their lies. 

And then came Credit River
Jerome Daly stood alone
He said the FED was phony
Their fraud revoked his loan.

He said there was no contract
The bank assumed no risk
Consideration on both sides
The principle they missed

The jury all had doubted
Daly's theory on the FED
Then “Money out of thin air”
The banker's voice had said.  

The words had filled the courtroom
Jaws dropping in surprise
"It sounds like fraud to me."  
 Judge Mahoney then replied.

Judge Mahoney died that year
No one quite knew why
And somehow no one could repeat
Daly's challenge to their lies

But Credit River happened
I've read the words and see
The FED's a fraud still breeding
We're chained - but can be free. 

Tell it to your neighbors 
Credit River still is true
The words can incite rebellion, 
And show us what to do.  

Two centuries of shackles melt 
and now our eyes can see
The close constructed prison
Which enforced our misery.

Credit River's Lesson 
shines through the web of lies
The deepest of deceptions 
Now exposed to all our eyes

And now the bankers tremble 
As the curtains ripped aside 
The longest con is ended
Because we know they lied.