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Foreclosure Front - Negotiating the Loan Amount
Renegotiate Your Mortgage – Get a New Loan
32 Years Experience at Your Service 

If you are underwater with your mortgage and either facing foreclosure or in foreclosure, we have an option you probably thought was impossible. Cut the size of your mortgage and get a new loan. 

This is not an option for everyone, but for some, it has been a life saver. 

Imagine a new loan on your home with a mortgage which could be 50% the size of the one you have now. 

While our trained staff can't promise this extreme cuts in the size of the mortgage, from 40% – 70%, are what he has been able to deliver for the entire 32 years he has been in business. Many of our clients, end up with a new loan and a mortgage half the size of the one which put them in the hole. 

You probably wonder how we do this and why you have not heard about this before. The answer is simple. He learned from people who know the industry early and deeply and he learned well. 

Our family, most of them bankers, have been in banking and finance for generations. We learned how to maneuver in the world of finance like some kids learn baseball statistics or rebuilding engines. In addition, we discovered years ago we have a unique talent for negotiation. 

It is our ability, experience and insights which gives our clients this opportunity for restarting their lives, saving their homes and moving on. 

This is the real thing, an expert who can go to bat for you and win. 

Soon, the anguish you have been experiencing could be over. You and your family can start living again without this hanging over your head. We can't promise - but we can let you know if it is a possibility. 

Contact us by sending an email to funding@homeownersjustice.com.

What You Can Expect - 

You send us the documents below and we will let you know if this possible for you: Yes or No. 

            1. Your Mortgage - if possible 
            2. Your Loan papers - last loan bank statement 
            3. Address of your property, lot and block of property [property tax docs] 
            4. Any other negotiations for the same property now in progress

If the answer is yes, we move to the next step. Either way, you will hear from us promptly. We understand how tough it is not to know.  

That next step is a conference with our expert, who listens to you and explains what is possible, and what is not. You will have the figures in your hands and know if this is what you need. 

If it is we move to the next step.

Upfront, you pay one fee to cover the estimated cost of carrying out the negotiation. After the conference we will be have the fee amount, which will vary according to the size of your present loan. The fee is paid then. 

The moment it is received, our expert gets busy.  

When the loan funds, we get 6 points and your life restarts. 

Contact the Power Negotiator's Team  HERE